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As Sean Hayes has failed to save the world—specifically, the part of the world that includes NBC's ratings—NBC has taken another spin on the Will & Grace alumni wheel, and landed once again on Debra Messing. Messing previously returned to the network as the star of Smash, while her show before that, The Starter Wife, ran on the NBC-owned USA.

This go-'round is somewhat of a departure for Messing, who will play a cop. In The Mysteries Of Laura, a remake of the Spanish series by the same name (except in Spanish), Messing's police detective will have no problem handling criminals, but will have her hands full raising twins. And as formulaic as cop shows typically are, focusing on a detective's home life is practically ground-breaking. Unless, of course, we find out one of the twins is a cynical veteran six weeks from retirement, and the other twin is a hot-headed rookie who plays by his own rules. Or perhaps the twins will be two separate, yet equally important siblings; one who investigates crime, and one who prosecutes the offenders. Or perhaps one will simply do their duty while the other gets the booty. We'll have to wait until Messing finishes a run on Broadway in Outside Mullingar before Mysteries Of Laura starts shooting and we find out more.


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