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Natural arch seen on Game Of Thrones and Clash Of The Titans collapses

Game Of Thrones

These days, humans tend to make a lot of the cool stuff on Earth, but that’s mostly because it takes the planet itself a very long time to do anything. Unfortunately, the cool stuff the Earth makes can also be undone in an instant, due to the fact that the planet can’t buy Apple Care or whatever to protect its polar ice caps or atmosphere, and that’s exactly what happened to a famous stone arch that has been seen in a number of movies and TV shows. Called the Azure Window, the limestone arch used to be located on Malta’s Gozo Island, and it has appeared in the original Clash Of The Titans and the first episode of Game Of Thrones.

According to CNN, Malta had been taking steps to preserve the arch, but natural corrosion and heavy storms finally caused it to break. The country’s prime minister has also been tweeting about the arch, expressing his disappointment over the structure’s collapse:


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