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National Lampoon documentary on the way

Influential humor magazine the National Lampoon will get the feature-length documentary treatment, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with the same production duo behind the award-winning All In: The Poker Movie and An Omar Broadway Film optioning the rights to tell its story. The film will follow the Lampoon’s history from its early, Harvard Lampoon beginnings through its 1970s heyday—where folks like John Hughes, John Belushi, and Chevy Chase first came to prominence, not like you needed us to tell you that—then on into its downfall and “rebirth and refocus as a multimedia company,” which we suppose is a nice way of saying “its devolution into a boob-and-fart factory that slaps its name on another Van Wilder DVD every couple of years.”

Along with interviews with famous alums, the film will also feature some rare and never-before-seen footage—and really, we’re mostly excited about this because it allows us to dare to dream that decades from now, some filmmaker might do something similar for The Onion (complete with a 30-second scene glossing over those coattail-riders at The A.V. Club). But yeah, this should be interesting too.


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