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One Day At A Time has been the largely unsung success story of Netflix’s move into the world of more traditional multi-cam sitcom fare, telling warm, funny, and relateable family stories in the shadow of louder, flashier projects like Fuller House or the recently canceled Disjointed. (Not to mention doing so while boasting one of the most diverse and inclusive writers’ rooms in current TV, and an excellent, predominantly Latinx cast.) That quiet success hasn’t necessarily won the Normal Lear-produced show many favors with its streaming service home, though; although its second season arrived on the service back in January, fans of the series have been waiting for weeks now on word of whether it’ll be renewed for a third.

Co-creator Gloria Calderón Kellett put out the call to help keep the show alive last month, asking fans to binge the series in an effort to boost its numbers. Now, the National Hispanic Media Coalition has thrown its weight behind the series, too, penning an open letter to Netflix in the hopes of saving the show. Calling the series “a guiding light–the true north in and for an industry grappling with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusivity,” the letter points out that One Day is, by far, the best-received of the mere “22 Latinx shows that have been picked up to series since 2000,” and that, “From the writers’ room, through to the cast and the crew, One Day At A Time has set the gold standard for equitable and positive representation.”


You can read the full letter here; meanwhile, Calderón Kellett—who co-show-runs the series with Mike Royce—has expressed her gratitude to the Coalition (and the many other groups who have signed the letter) on Twitter, thanking them for raising the series’ profile as Netflix weighs its ultimate fate.

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