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Nathan Lane joins David Milch's latest HBO pilot, The Money

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David Milch’s latest HBO project, the Brendan Gleeson vehicle The Money, has gained another cast member in the form of adorable Broadway rapscallion Nathan Lane. The project, which has a pilot order at HBO, is about power and money and corporate corruption and blah, blah, blah David Milch. Gleeson’s character will be a powerful media mogul, who looks to expand his empire, probably by being a massive dick. The pilot will be directed by Justin Chadwick.


According to Deadline, Lane’s character will be a New York newspaper reporter whose job “hangs by a thread.” Looking for a byline, Lane heads off in search of “hot scoop,” which suggests this will be the greatest show in television history, provided it’s just Nathan Lane screaming over and over again about where the “hot scoop” is. Milch actually created a newspaper drama in the early ‘90s called Capital News, which fell victim to the same fate as most newspaper shows (Lou Grant excepted) in that it just wasn’t very interesting. Maybe he’s realized that the solution is just to up the level of “hot scoop” that everybody’s going after.

Assuming HBO picks up the show, tune into The Money to watch the inevitable scene where Lane yammers at Gleeson, then Gleeson silences him with one well-placed glower.

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