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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Even before David O. Russell announced that he one day hoped to walk out on a big-screen adaptation of popular video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, fans were already noting the protagonist’s resemblance to actor Nathan Fillion, unflappably cool star of Firefly and that new show that is not Firefly. As it turns out, Fillion also sees something of himself in Drake: He’s launched a Twitter campaign to land the lead role in the film, hoping to play the wisecracking, eternally smirking genocidal gunman who slaughters thousands of people then steals their stuff and calls it “treasure hunting.”

As Collider points out, one of the biggest hindrances here may be Fillion’s age. The actor is nearing 40, which is embarrassingly decrepit by Hollywood standards when it comes to launching action franchises. Then again, Harrison Ford was 39 when he first played Indiana Jones, so casting Fillion could be yet another homage to its most obvious inspiration. Another potential stumbling block could be Fillion’s work schedule, which is already monopolized by the many weeks out of the year he spends shooting that show which is not Firefly. However, Fillion is undeterred, asking all “Browncoats” and “Castillions” to “rise up” and do their part to make it happen, which mostly amounts to tweeting this hashtag. Hey, the Twitter campaign to rescue those Chilean miners worked, right?


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