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Nathan Fielder just dropped a new Summit Ice hoodie for the holidays

Screenshot: YouTube

As much as Nathan Fielder’s Nathan For You experiments sought to sow chaos and confusion, a few aimed for something higher—be it post-modern cultural critique, affecting exploration of emotional authenticity, or, as in the case of Summit Ice, charitable endeavor. In a 2015 episode of the show, Fielder, having learned the company behind his favorite windbreaker once published a tribute to a notorious Holocaust denier, launched his own celebrity-endorsed outerwear brand devoted to Holocaust awareness. In the Nathan For You: A Celebration” episode, we saw the host deliver $150,000 of the brand’s profits to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre and, believe it or not, Summit Ice is still going strong.

On Tuesday, for example, Fielder took to his rarely-used Twitter account to promote a new item: The Summit Ice No-Logo Hoodie. “Wear your pride on the inside,” reads the product description. “This limited-edition cotton fleece hoodie was designed without a visible logo, allowing you to take a stand for Holocaust awareness without triggering those who don’t share your beliefs.”


This should prove helpful at any tense holiday gatherings this year, as the Venn diagram between Holocaust deniers and Trump supporters is probably a perfect circle.


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