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Nathan Fielder has a step-by-step tutorial on how you definitely shouldn't hack the Emmys for him

Voting for the 2018 Emmy nominations starts in just a couple of days; obviously, that’s big business for anyone involved in the TV industry. And nobody thinks about “big business” like Nathan Fielder, whose Comedy Central series Nathan For You could, hypothetically, win this year, potentially courtesy of its hilarious, heartbreaking, deeply perplexing fourth season finale, “Finding Frances.” But if Nathan Fielder is going to win an Emmy—and legally, both he and we really can’t emphasize this next part enough—he wants to do it fair and square, and without any devoted fans somehow hacking the Emmys to give the show a win.


In fact, Fielder is so dedicated to this principle that he’s released an entire tutorial video about it, sitting down with a computer security expert—who quickly adopts the same slightly shocked expression of anybody who spends much time with Nathan in his professional capacity—to offer a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of all the things people absolutely should not do unless they want to hack the Emmys and give Nathan For You a nomination.

Released on Fielder’s personal YouTube page, this isn’t technically a Nathan For You video, but fans of the series will probably enjoy it. (Especially if they’re so devoted to truth and honesty that they’d want extremely detailed steps on how not to betray those principles for Fielder’s personal benefit, possibly by bypassing 2-factor authentication and learning how to phish.)