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Natasha Lyonne made a Beetlejuice sequel for Funny Or Die

That’s right; get ready for… Beetlejuice 2. You’re probably asking yourself, “how could anybody but Burton stay true to the original vision of Michael Keaton’s foul-mouthed ghost?” Take heart; Burton is on the job. Barry Burton, that is. Brother to Tim Burton (and possibly raised by Robert Evans), Barry has secured the talents of Natasha Lyonne and the sequel rights to Beetlejuice. Or at least that’s the gist of a new Funny Or Die sketch.

Barry envisions the Netherworld’s favorite scamp terrorizing sequels to all your favorite films, including Flashdance, Blue Velvet, and The Royal Tenenbaums. (Strangely, no Naked Lunch, though.) Next time you’re wondering about that je ne sais quoi missing from a tired, unnecessary sequel, you’ll be able to pitch your own quick fix: needs more Beetlejuice.


Beetlejuice 2 with Natasha Lyonne from Natasha Lyonne

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