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Natasha Lyonne is getting really into directing these days

Photo: Cindy Ord (Getty Images for Reality Testing)

Some people get really into knitting or gardening or crystals as a hobby during these overly long summer days, but Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne has apparently decided to get into directing instead. As noted by Deadline, she has just finished directing an episode of Hulu’s High Fidelity reboot/remake thing with Zoe Kravitz, plus an episode of Orange Is The New Black for its latest/final season, and now she’s moving on to an episode of Comedy Central’s untitled Awkwafina show and an episode of Aidy Bryant’s Shrill on Hulu. We know the Awkwafina show is based on her life and that Lyonne’s episode is called “Paperwork,” but that doesn’t tell us much (maybe it involves paperwork?). High Fidelity, meanwhile, is new take on the Nick Hornby novel/John Cusack movie that is “reframed from a female perspective.”

On the subject of her busy summer, Lyonne said that “it’s been great” and mentioned that she dropped out of film school when she was 16 and never got the chance to make good on her plan for a film and philosophy double major. Now she’s getting back into directing, and she says her “teenage self is in seventh heaven.”


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