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Natalie Portman's new Western movie sure sounds like a huge mess

After director Lynne Ramsay couldn’t bring herself to go to work on Jane Got A Gun—instead shutting off her phone and listlessly combing Monster.com while muttering, “Fuckfuckfuckfuck,” before just giving up and watching TV the rest of the day—the Natalie Portman-starring Western managed to find someone to cover her shift last-minute in Gavin O’Connor. But even with the Warrior director agreeing to come in on his day off and head up the film, now it’s hit yet another snag: Jude Law has also reportedly exited, apparently citing the fact that he only signed up to work with Ramsay, and if she’s not coming in than why he should he have to?

That leaves only Portman and O’Connor’s Warrior star Joel Edgerton—who, it turns out, actually replaced the also recently departed Michael Fassbender, despite what we erroneously reported yesterday. (The schedule is now full of so many crossed-out names and shift trades, it’s impossible to keep track of who’s covering for whom.) Despite all the behind-the-scenes drama, the production is still planned to proceed once it can find a replacement for Jude Law, and provided Edgerton doesn’t suddenly bow out for “band practice” or something.


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