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Natalie Portman would rather be in space in first Lucy In The Sky trailer

Noah Hawley, the visionary writer and director behind FX staples Fargo and Legion, is bringing his ambitious eye to the big screen with Lucy In The Sky (formerly known as Pale Blue Dot), a star-studded drama about how lame life on Earth is after you’ve been to outer space.


Natalie Portman stars as Lucy Cola, who finds herself routinely drifting into the recesses of her mind after a spell in the stars serves to eclipse the friends, family, and bowling outings she once enjoyed. Jon Hamm plays a fellow astronaut who, as the above trailer indicates, turns out to be the only soul with whom she can find connection on the ground. Hawley penned the script with Brian C Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi, and Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz and Legion’s Dan Stevens co-star alongside the great Ellen Burstyn.

No release date is set for now, but tide yourself over by reading about the woman who the story is loosely based on. Or don’t, because, well, that could potentially spoil things.

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