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Photo: Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

Loki may be getting his own show on Disney’s streaming service, but it looks like his old Thor buddy Jane Foster isn’t quite that lucky yet. Still, Natalie Portman—who played Jane in the less-good Thor movies—is going to Disney+ anyway, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that she’ll be narrating a movie from the Disneynature label called Dolphin Reef. That all makes it sound like a documentary, but THR says Dolphin Reef is about a young dolphin named Echo is “can’t quite decide if it’s time to grow up and take on new responsibilities” or if he should enjoy “the many adventures the ocean has to offer,” which… does not sound like a documentary, unless director Keith Scholey has some unbelievable insight into the anxieties of an average young dolphin. Maybe Echo was deeply involved in the production? We don’t know. Either way, Portman will be narrating Echo’s coming-of-age dolphin journey, whether it’s fictionalized or not.


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