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Jane Got A Gun

Although waiting for Jane Got A Gun to finally hit theaters must be a relaxing way for a respected actress like Natalie Portman to spend her time, it looks like she’s decided to pick up another side project in the meantime. Variety reports that Portman is in talks to star in Ex Machina director Alex Garland’s next film, Annihilation. The film is the first in Jeff VanderMeer’s recently optioned The Southern Reach trilogy, which follows a biologist investigating her husband’s disappearance inside the restricted site of a decades-old environmental disaster. According to Variety, the role “is being chased by everyone from Julianne Moore to Tilda Swinton,” but the studio won’t move forward with anyone on that somewhat-limited spectrum until Portman officially signs on.

No concrete date has been set for production yet, but Portman’s deal apparently calls for shooting to start no sooner than the beginning of 2016. Between working two Terrence Malick movies, directing and acting in A Tale Of Love And Darkness, and her day job of sitting around waiting for Jane Got A Gun, Portman is actually quite a busy woman, so it may take a while for Annihilation to hit theaters too.


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