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Natalie Martinez will star in NBC’s magical martial arts drama

As reported by Deadline, Under The Dome escapee Natalie Martinez has signed on to play the main character in the pilot for Warrior, NBC’s in-development magical martial arts show. Warrior will take place in a—sigh—”grounded, contemporary multicultural and sometimes magical milieu,” because that’s a thing that makes sense, and Martinez will play Kai Forrester “a damaged heroine who works undercover…to bring down an international crime lord.” Plus, she’ll get “physical and spiritual guidance from a mysterious martial arts master.”

Of course, not a single word we’ve used to describe the show makes it sound “grounded,” which means it could either be way more interesting than it seems, or way less interesting. Before anyone assumes it’ll be the latter, though, it’s wise to remember that trying to predict anything about NBC is usually a fool’s errand. You must not try to predict the moves NBC will make, you must simply feel them with your mind, and then strike when NBC least expects it. (That’s the sort of guidance a mysterious martial arts master would give, right?)


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