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Nasim Pedrad and Elliott Gould will be on John Mulaney's sitcom after all

Nasim Pedrad and Elliott Gould are back on board the Fox iteration of John Mulaney’s sitcom. Both appeared in the pilot for NBC, but were thought to be unavailable after that network passed and Fox picked up the show. In the pilot, Pedrad played one of Mulaney’s roommates, a grade school teacher who’s addicted to procrastinating. In the new version, she’ll still play Mulaney's roommate, but now she’s a personal trailer who's obsessed with achieving fairness in her romantic life. Gould will still play Mulaney's the 71-year-old gay neighbor who’s so over New York.

There was some fear that Pedrad wouldn’t be able to do the show because of her commitment to Saturday Night Live, where she’s currently the longest-running female cast member. Nevertheless, The Hollywood Reporter says it hears the shooting schedules for the two shows won’t overlap, meaning she'll like stick around SNL for the time being.


Gould and Pedrad will be joined by new additions Seaton Smith, who'll play another roommate named "Motif," and Zack Pearlman, who’ll play a trust fund kid who's somehow involved with the group. As previously reported, Martin Short will play Lou Cannon, game show host and Mulaney’s boss.

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