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Nashville’s Will Chase is headed to the Upside Down

(Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images)

We still only know vague details about what kind of supernatural crisis will befall Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things’ second season, but now it seems Nashville’s Will Chase is going to be part of the crew of adults who will have to deal with (or remain blithely unaware of) it. According to TV Line, Chase is joining Winona Ryder and Cara Buono as one of Hawkins’ parental figures. His character is named Neil Mayfield, the patriarch of a new family in town. (TV Line suspects that means he’s connected to brother-sister pair Billy and Max, which seems like a pretty good guess, but at this point everything’s still a bit mysterious.)

Chase is late of ABC’s departed H.G. Wells/Jack The Ripper show Time After Time, and has exercised his Tony-nominated pipes on Smash and the aforementioned Nashville.


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