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Nas, Kelis to divorce

In news sure to traumatize those unhealthily invested in the marriage of Nas and R&B sexpot Kelis, it looks like the high-profile union of the couple has reached an end. According to a News Alert from allhiphop.com, Kelis' attorney has filed papers for divorce citing verbal abuse and infidelity as grounds.

Nas, on the other hand, has apparently grown deeply annoyed by the number of men his soon-to-be ex-wife's milkshake has brought to their yard as well as her insistence that said milkshake is better than yours, better than yours, better than yours. What makes this all deeply sad instead of merely unfortunate is that Kelis is currently seven months pregnant. Damn, if celebrities like Nas and Kelis can't make it as a couple what chance does anyone else have?


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