(Photo: Getty Images)

Because it’s Hollywood’s job to persistently remind us that there are no new ideas, a revival of the Shanghai Noon franchise is in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGM has enlisted Jared Hess—whose biggest claim to fame is still Napoleon Dynamite—to direct, while original stars Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are in discussions to return to their roles. (No, they aren’t getting women to sub in for this reboot.) Lest you forget, Chan and Wilson played an imperial guard and a cowboy/outlaw-type, respectively, who team up for heroics and antics. They got back on the proverbial horse in 2003 for the London-set Shanghai Knights.

Chan’s been popping up in the news a lot as of late, as he’s set to receive an honorary Oscar and recently claimed Forbes’ title as the second highest-paid actor in the world. It sort of feels like we’re closing in on the second golden age of Jackie Chan, and you won’t see any of us complaining. On the other hand, Hess hasn’t made anything since Napoleon Dynamite that matched its cult success. But his most recent film, Masterminds, is finally due out later this month.