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Napoleon Dynamite animated series in development

Having just issued its fall schedule and renewed its commitment to “rebuild the Fox comedy brand” via shows that provoke genuine laughs rather than the uncomfortable chuckles of reality TV schadenfreude, Fox is also quietly developing an animated version of Napoleon Dynamite for possible future inclusion in its “Animation Domination” lineup. Fishbowl LA reports that Napoleon creators Jared and Jerusha Hess—who have had some trouble recreating the commercial and creative success of their 2004 hit, to put it extremely charitably—are said to be “closely involved” with the potential new series, and most of the original cast is due to return, including Jon Heder, Efran “Pedro” Ramirez, Aaron Ruell as Kip, and Jon Gries as Uncle Rico. (Apparently Tina Majorino is too much of a big shot now.) The show is said to be in the pilot phase currently, which means it could see broadcast as early as six years after everyone stopped wanting to see more of Napoleon Dynamite.


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