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Naomi Campbell brought a guy to the Met Gala just to fan her dress

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic (Getty Images)

The annual Met Gala celebrity thing took place this past weekend, with numerous stars dressing up to the theme of “camp”. The winner, according to various headlines, was either Lady Gaga, Harry Styles’ fingernails, the color pink, or a pigeon. Congrats to all the winners, who presumably took home a $75 gift card to Applebee’s, and better luck next year to everyone else.

One of the many people who definitely did not win the Met Gala, unfortunately, was the guy who Naomi Campbell hired to be her personal wind source for the evening.


Numerous people watching on television noticed the presence of this person, who spent the red carpet portion of the evening following the supermodel and flapping a clear plastic card to make sure she looked appropriately windswept in photos. It seems to have worked!

In addition to wearing pink (the evening’s winning color, you’ll recall), many on social media thought this audaciously diva-like behavior was a brilliantly unorthodox way of expressing the theme of the event. Still: Camp!


[via Harper’s Bazaar]

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