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Nailed It! celebrating new 3rd season with spooky Sabrina mini-episode

Photo: Nailed It! (Netflix)

What’s better than an episode of hilariously disastrous amateur baking show Nailed It!? As the Queer Eye episode showed us last year, it’s a celebrity contestant episode of Nailed It! So here’s an ideal match-up: Nailed It!’s charming host Nicole Byer, judge chef Jacques Torres, and Spellman witches Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Davis, and Miranda Otto from Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, in a nine-minute segment that just dropped on YouTube.

As with Queer Eye, the cast is limited to a single baking challenge, as Netflix announces: “Kiernan, Miranda, and Lucy were tasked with turning Greendale’s heartthrobs (Harvey, Nicholas, and the Dark Lord) into edible cakes.” As the women who play Sabrina and her aunties combine forces, their efforts sure appear appropriately witch-like, like there should be a cauldron in there someplace:

Photo: Nailed It! (Netflix)

The third season of Nailed It! began streaming on Netflix today, with six episodes and topics like “Prehistoric Bakes,” “Masterpiece or Disasterpiece?”, and “The Marvel Episode!” The second season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina dropped on Netflix last month, and the series has already been renewed for seasons three and four.

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