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Illustration for article titled N Syncs Joey Fatone is now a spokesman for a hair-loss company

There’s a hierarchy of products that celebrities can endorse. Up top, you’ve got watches, cars, perfumes, and high-end liquors. Next, you’ve got your prestige products that anyone can buy, like Proactiv. Then come Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and other diet programs. Way, way below that, you’ll find Bosley, the hair restoration company that now boasts ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone as a spokesman.


Fatone claims to be a client of the company, even posing for before and after pictures of the top of his head, but it’s a sad move for a guy who (in theory) has millions and millions of dollars. To make matters worse, Fatone is joined in the ad below by renowned has-been Christopher Knight, better known as “Peter” from The Brady Bunch. While the ad does explain Fatone’s ill-advised fedora period, it’s pretty cringeworthy, firmly placing Fatone in the awkward, washed-up company of other ex-boy band members like 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons, who’s now a Chippendales dancer. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake is “hilarious” in Inside Llewyn Davis, the new Coen brothers movie that’s out later this month and just played a sold-out show in Houston at the Toyota Center.

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