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'N Sync reunion might happen and there's nothing you can do about it

In the glorious future world of entertainment, everything that anyone ever liked will never stop, but will just keep going forever, animated by the eldritch energy of directionless fans and their necromantic nostalgia powers.  The period between a band breaking up and getting back together will be reduced to a maximum of two days, and comedians whose entire acts consist of dropping the names of TV characters will date their references back no further than the previous business week.

That reality got a little bit closer today, when E! interviewed former 'N Sync crooner Lance Bass (now relegated to the role of "one of Justin Timberlake's former bandmates") about a possible reunion of the boy band.  In light of the terrifying alliance of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block, they asked, will 'N Sync be getting back together to raise the profit margins of shiny XXXL basketball shorts manufacturers, and ease the heart palpitations of women in their early 30s who never got over Joey Fatone?  Maybe, Bass replied.  Timberlake is "very busy with his acting career", which presumably refers to his gearing up for the Yogi Bear PR blitz.  But "anytime the guys want to do an album, I'm in!", he continued, as the familiar stench of desperation filled the air, and a glorious future began to unfurl. Together again, y'all…


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