(Image via Discovery)

Having completed their quest and busted all known myths (including those based on Indiana Jones, Breaking Bad, and The Simpsons), Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters will be hanging up the walrus mustache and crash test dummy for good after the show’s next season. That comes from Entertainment Weekly, which notes that ending next year will make MythBusters the longest-running show in Discovery Channel history, with 14 seasons, 248 episodes, and 2,950 experiments conducted. Also, Savage and Hyneman have known for a while that the end is coming, so they’ve specifically made sure that the final episodes will be a worthy sendoff for the series—with Hyneman noting that “there’s an emphasis on looking back.”

The most recent season of MythBusters ended in September with an episode of Star Wars myths, and the final season will premiere on January 9, 2016. To commemorate the beginning of the end, Discovery will be airing a marathon of every single MythBusters episode beginning on December 23. That Entertainment Weekly link up above also features an extensive interview with both hosts, which is probably worth a read for any fans who want to know how Savage and Hyneman are reacting to this and whether or not they’ll ever work together again (spoiler: probably not).