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Mystery investor buys Donald Trump’s birthplace at a huge markup

Photo: Realtor.com

Ignoring the fact that no one who’s a big enough Donald Trump fan to visit his birthplace would ever venture into the scary, immigrant-filled streets of Queens, a buyer calling themselves “Trump Birth House LLC” has reportedly purchased the Tudor-style house where little Donnie used to play with trucks for $2.14 million. (The house where he now plays with trucks is worth a bit more.) That’s more than three quarters of a million dollars more than the $1.35 million real-estate investor Michael Davis paid for it back in December, suggesting that whoever’s behind this LLC has a strong interest in the property—or Davis put in some truly extraordinary marble counters, who knows.

Not much else is known about the home’s mysterious buyer or buyers, but the fact that they incorporated themselves into an LLC before purchasing the property, as well as the name of that company, suggest that they’re planning to turn the home into a tourist attraction. They’ll be struggling to find exhibits to fill it, if that is indeed the case, because Trump’s family moved out of the home when he was four, according to DNAInfo New York. We’re sure he closed some magnificent deals with his stuffed animals before he left, though.


In the meantime, the five bedroom, four-and-a-half bath house is located at 85-15 Wareham Place in the upper-middle-class neighborhood of Jamaica Estates, New York. The house, which Trump’s father built in 1940, is still listed on Realtor.com, complete with a photo gallery that betrays an embarrassing lack of gold wallpaper in Trump’s childhood home. Must have been tough…

[via Vice]

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