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My Morning Jacket's Jim James injured in the line of duty

Right in the middle of some wicked rocking last night at the University Of Iowa, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James apparently slipped and fell, injuring himself badly enough that the show had to be stopped—and tonight's Obama fundraiser at Schubas in Chicago has been scrapped. No word yet on any other cancellations. Here's a note posted to the MMJ forums by someone associated with the band—I think Two-Tone Tommy's wife:

"Hi everyone…

Before this gets heated… or silly (Jim leaving a show mid-set because he was pissed? I don't think so), I wanted to post a quick message from Jim and the guys.

Jim fell between two of the subs at the front of the stage and hurt his leg. He's just had some x-rays and is resting at hospital.

Big thanks to the intrepid fans who showed up at the ER and to everyone who's voiced concern.

We're still waiting for word on Chicago, but I promise as soon as we know, you will.


LP (formerly dasmondhaschen, currently tom's wife)"

Here's a link to a local article about it, too.


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