When it comes to movie/video game crossovers, there are a few titles that spring immediately to mind—and many more that don’t. The Lego Movie? Obviously. The Warriors? Sounds fun. But My Girl, the movie that traumatized a generation of eight-year-olds, may be the most unlikely candidate yet.

My Girl The Movie—The Video Game  is being billed as a “beautiful interactive experience,” which is pretty hyperbolic for a game whose only controllers are arrow keys.  Still, it’s good for a few sick, sick laughs as players step into the shoes of feeble young Thomas J. (played my Macaulay Culkin in the movie) and wander from his house past the funeral home and into the woods as a MIDI version of “My Girl” plays in the background.  Then come the bees. You can try to avoid them, but as anyone whose mom dropped them off for a nice PG-rated afternoon at the movies back in 1991 knows, poor Thomas J. is done for. Life is measured, naturally, by a mood ring. Next up: Steel Magnolias—The Video Game, in which players perform kidney transplants on an 8-bit Julia Roberts.