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There are two things in this world people can’t get enough of: true-crime and cats. Listening to the gory details of a serial killer’s bloody attack is both thrilling and oddly cathartic. (Something about knowing your body isn’t the one getting hacked up into bits helps.) And cats? They’re just the greatest creatures on earth. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, hosts of the cult podcast My Favorite Murder, know this, and know what the demented weirdos of the world want.

The two have launched their new podcast network, which combines murder, some more murder, dangerous driving, and, yes, cats. The two hosts, known for their ability to blend comedy with some of the nastiest crimes imaginable, partnered with Stitcher to curate Exactly Right, their very own network of four podcasts. The network launched on Wednesday, according to Vulture, and has something every Murderino will dig:


This Podcast Will Kill You—ideal for anyone who spends hours on WebMD convinced they’re about to dieis joining Kilgariff and Hardstark’s network for new episodes every other Tuesday, with hosts Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke exploring a deadly medical condition in each episode. The second season of The Fall Line, a podcast that investigates cold cases of marginalized communities in the southeast, will also join Exactly Right and begin releasing new episodes every Wednesday beginning today.

The other two podcasts aren’t as crime-centric, but offer something a little kookier. Do You Need A Ride?, which Kilgariff co-hosts with comedian Chris Fairbanks, is all about the two driving their guests to the airport… “somewhat dangerously.” The only thing worse than murder? Navigating Los Angeles traffic. And lastly is The Purrcast, which is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast all about cats. Every Wednesday you and your cat can have some bonding time and listen to cat people talk to other cat people. Until then folks, as they say, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.


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