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My Cousin Vinny as a courtroom thriller trailer works incredibly well

Photo: YouTube

My Cousin Vinny is a classic comedy. The titular character, Vincent Gambini, is a fledgling lawyer from Brooklyn who finds himself completely in over his head as he tries to prove his nephew’s innocence in a grisly murder case. The film’s comedy comes, in part, from subverting this bleak set-up. But it’s also what makes it so fun and satisfying to watch as a courtroom thriller trailer, as Mashable has re-envisioned it.

It helps that all of the performances from the original movie were so pitch-perfect. There’s Joe Pesci as the New-Yorker-out-of-water who likes to say “fuck” all the time, Marisa Tomei in an Oscar-winning performance as the other New-Yorker-out-of-water who likes to say “fuck” all the time, and stellar performances from Herman Munster, the Karate Kid, and the evil coach from The Mighty Ducks (seriously, they’re all great). Turns out, all of these work pretty fucking well switched to a fucking thriller. Who the fuck knew!


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