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My Chemical Romance announces upcoming reunion on Halloween, like the good lord intended

Photo: Scott Gries (Getty Images)

Today is an enchanting day for those who remember belting “Helena” while swooping their bangs at a respectful 45-degree angle: Per Pitchfork, rock band My Chemical Romance has announced an upcoming reunion show, aptly titled Return. It’ll be the band’s first performance together since 2012. The band made the announcement via Twitter on Halloween, which is the kind of panache we’ve missed over the past six years.


Rumors of a reunion have been in the ether since the summer thanks to—of all people—Joe Jonas, who claimed that the band was rehearsing next to the Jonas Brothers in New York.. Guitarist Frank Iero later denied the rumors, which could have very well been an attempt to deflect. As of now, no additional shows or new music have been announced.

In 2013, front man Gerard Way announced the group’s split in a lengthy, heartfelt note detailing the path that led to the end. Their last album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, dropped in 2010. Since the break-up, Way released a solo effort, 2014's Hesitant Alien. Iero also released a solo album, STOMACHACHES, in 2014. The show will take place on December 20 at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale here at noon PST.

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