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My Bloody Valentine's new record might be out in "two to three days," says Kevin Shields

My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields says the band’s long-struggling Loveless follow-up could—for real this time—be out in “two or three days.” The singer made the prediction at a show in London over the weekend, where MBV also performed a new, rough song titled on the set list as “Rough Song.” (Naturally, YouTube footage was quickly removed, but Dots & Dashes has an equally rough live recording here.)

In November of last year, Shields said the record would be out by the end of 2012. While that obviously didn’t happen, there are some good signs that he might not be totally bullshitting this time: Last month, the band wrote on Facebook that it had finished mastering the record, and they do have several prominent Japanese shows scheduled that could prove handy in promoting it. As always, we wait and see.


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