Technically, this may not be Newswire-fodder, but this seemed like the best place to draw attention to something that music fans ought to find fascinating. Today, at the website for smart-alecky '90s alt-rock band Too Much Joy, lead singer Tim Quirk scanned in a page from his Warner Bros. royalty statement, and proceeded to explain why it's essentially a work of fiction. Apparently Quirk, who works for the online music service Rhapsody now, had been pestering his former label about calculating what the band is owed for downloads and subscription services, and when Quirk received the statement, it didn't mesh in the slightest with what he knows to be true. In the blog post, Quirk tells some amusing and eye-opening anecdotes about major-label business practices. If you find this kind of behind-the-scenes showbiz scoop interesting in the slightest, Quirk's blog post is well-worth a read.

Hat tip: Medialoper.