Screenshot: Google

While most Americans chose last week to bid adieu at last to the incompetent reality star who hijacked the American political process through a unique blend of hate speech and bluster, a smaller group of Americans has instead succeeded in making him president. It’s been a tough week.

If you cannot deign to look at his face—that orange blur of puckered lips and ruddy, furious jowls—or want just a brief respite from it, a new Chrome extension is here to help. It will replace any image with “Trump” in its alternate text with a picture of a nice-looking cheeseburger. And thank god:


Here’s CNN, newly delicious:

Here’s what is certainly an even-keeled Breitbart long read:


The app was designed by an Australian food chain called Mr. Burger, and while it is strange to think of our panic, despair, and fear being used by a corporate entity to sell more sandwiches, it is also just fucking nice to not see that face, at least for a second, at least until the night terrors come back again.

You can download the extension here, and while you’re making the internet more bearable, toss on another Chrome extension to flag fake news. Resources for getting involved more tangibly can be found here.

[via Mashable]