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Musical mashup unites Swifties and Muggles

You may think that Taylor Swift and Harry Potter have nothing in common other than being loved by teenaged girls but actress Kate Parkin has found a way to bring the two even closer together in a musical parody mashup.

In the clip above, Parkin dresses up as her favorite Hogwarts characters—Ron, Hermione, Harry, Luna Lovegood, and even Draco Malfoy—and sings several of Taylor Swift’s 1989 tracks loaded with seamless Harry Potter references. Swifties and Muggles will enjoy the results.


Parkin, a member of the New American Theatre in Los Angeles, leads a double life making Harry Potter musical videos as YouTuber weasleysweaters. Last year she mashed-up Potter and Frozen to create “Do You Want To Build a Horcrux?”

[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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