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Musical genius inserts different songs into classic movie moments

Screenshot: Hup (YouTube)

Over the weekend, Twitter user Lewis Wake tweeted, “I have no friends so I like to take famous dance scenes from movies and put songs that are the same tempo on top of them.” He then proceeded to unfurl a plethora of mashups, from High School Musical embracing Sum 41 to La La Land’s iconic dance number now soundtracked to the effervescence of Wham!


What if Napoleon Dynamite was dancing to Cher instead of Jamiroquai? Or Tony Manero was grooving to Metallica on that Saturday Night Fever dance floor? Let’s face it, Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex” makes more sense for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s triumphant number in 500 Days Of Summer than Hall And Oates.

It’s a pretty addictive thread, so only start enjoying these if you have some time to spare. And if you want to thank Lewis Wake for his editing efforts, here’s his PayPal. He’s received such an overwhelming response from these, he’s promised to make even more. We expect he won’t remain friendless for long.


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