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(Photo: David Caudery/Official Windows magazine via Getty Images)

Reminding us all that First World Problems need solutions, too, an online musical genius has found a way to help anyone who’s ever plugged their iPhone into their car stereo, only to have to scramble to change tracks before whatever song was at the top of the alphabet started automatically playing. To combat the problem, Samir Mezrahi has released his first track onto iTunes: “A a a a a Very Good Song,” a ten-minute burst of soothing silence that’s more-or-less guaranteed to be the first “song” your iPhone pulls up when it’s plugged in to AUX mode.


Mezhari is selling the track for $0.99, which a lot of people seem to think is a pretty great price for being freed from the tyranny of “A.D.H.D.,” “A” by Nosaj Thing, or just their own USB ports. Meanwhile, if you’re not sure if Mezhari’s song is worth the price, you can sample it right here:

(Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

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