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Music, the expression of emotion through melody, now includes Snoop Dogg's Charlie Sheen single "Winning"

As history has proven, the quickest way to hasten the demise of a fad is with a novelty song, so it’s with no small amount of joy that you should embrace the news that the pantheon of “Convoy,” “Disco Duck,” and “Pac-Man Fever” has now been joined by “Winning,” a collaborative effort between Korn and Filter guitarist Rob Patterson and Snoop Dogg that has been created purely to capitalize on Charlie Sheen’s most-recognized catchphrases. The just-released single made its radio and Internet debut today, following a quick writing and production process indicative of the amount of thought that went into it: “He arrived at 9 p.m. and was out by 11 p.m.,” Patterson noted of Snoop, shortly after he detailed how he and Sheen had played the music for Snoop “and 45 minutes later, he had tapped out the words to ‘Winning’ on his BlackBerry.” They even found time in Snoop’s process to have him engage in a bit of spoken-word banter with Carmen Electra (Patterson’s fiancée) to kick things off.

But while it would be easy to assume that, given the subject matter and time constraints, Snoop simply threw together some random Sheen phrases like “warlock” and “tiger blood,” if only because that’s almost exactly what he did do and you can hear it for yourself, Patterson avers that it’s about more than just Sheen, and is rather a song “unilaterally about winning.” In fact, Rob Christie, president of Waterfront Entertainment/Robo Records, believes it’s a universal “modern-day Rocky tune” and is currently pushing for it to be played at “sporting stadiums across the country.” He did not, however, specify which country.

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