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Music festival attendees won’t be admitted until they’ve giggled at anti-drug video

Responding to a recent rash of drug-related deaths and occasional dismemberments at music festivals, New York’s Electric Zoo—where two attendees died last year after an overdose of MDMA—will force this year’s attendees to watch an anti-drug PSA, which should briefly fuck with their high. All ticket buyers to the Aug. 29 to Aug. 31 event will be given wristbands that can only be activated using a code embedded in the video. Concertgoers won’t be admitted until they’ve seen and dimly registered it, as with every drug warning they’ve ever been issued.

The two-minute video on the dangers of “molly” or “ecstasy” seen below finds a dude rubbing MDMA on his gums, “vibing,” and becoming increasingly out of control—at one point grabbing his female friend’s hair and insisting he wants to “wrap it around my face, like golden waterfalls.” It is expected to prove hilarious to viewers doing the same, who hopefully will be careful not to die from it.

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