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Muse prepare to beat its Olympics theme, "Survival," into the world's brains

The London Olympics organizers have decided who they want to represent all of the United Kingdom musically, and it’s Muse. The Freddie Mercury-channeling trio have released and recorded the official Olympics theme, “Survival,” which they say is about “conviction and pure determination to win,” even though it sounds a little more Broadway than basketball. (Non-Muse fans, meanwhile, can take solace in the fact that the games’ organizers also tapped Paul McCartney and Blur to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies, respectively.)

“Survival” will be beaten into the world’s brains as it plays ad nauseum during the forthcoming games, including when athletes enter the stadium, in the lead-up to all the medal ceremonies, and as the theme for all international TV coverage. The track will also be included on the band’s forthcoming record, The 2nd Law, which is due out Sept. 18.

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