Can YOU pick out the human in this photograph?

Floppy-haired human caricature Jack White is set to blend in with the rest of the cast on next Tuesday’s season finale of The Muppets, according to the Facebook page for White’s label, Third Man Records. The White Stripes rocker has apparently been tapped to give Kermit The Frog some advice in regards to his often fractious relationship with Miss Piggy, providing the sage romantic wisdom—like “start a band, get divorced, and then spend several years pretending she’s your sister”—that he’s become known for over the years.

Of course, White is just the latest in a long line of musical superstars to trade quips with felt; he’s preceded by Dave Grohl, Willie Nelson (also appearing on an episode this Tuesday) and Josh Groban, who we all remember from that time he and Miss Piggy had sex, no matter how hard we try to forget it. Hopefully, White’s tenure with the show won’t get so intimate, but with an episode titled “Because… Love,” we can’t be entirely sure.


[via Consequence Of Sound]