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Mulaney and Bob’s Burgers will be switching spots on Fox’s Sunday schedule

It looks like Fox’s stirring display of confidence in Mulaney‘s ability to pull in any viewers at all is continuing. Just last month, the network cut the order for the show’s first season from 16 episodes to 13 episodes, which it obviously did because those extra three episodes would’ve gotten such good ratings that Fox would’ve looked greedy if it had aired them. But seriously, though, the show is doing awful.

Whether it’s because of that or not, Deadline is reporting that Fox has bumped Mulaney from its 9:30 timeslot down to Bob’s Burgers’ 7:30 spot. Bob’s Burgers will be moving to 9:30, which means it will not only have the luxury of following Family Guy, but also the freedom to no longer worry about constantly being preempted by football games. The change goes into effect “immediately,” so look for Bob’s Burgers to air at its new time on this coming Sunday. As for Mulaney, it’s being preempted by a football game already—which is hilarious. Its first episode at 7:30 won’t air until November 23. Maybe Fox is hoping that it can just make Mulaney disappear and nobody will notice?


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