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MTV's Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous fulfills its ironic destiny by getting canceled

Confirming anew that you should never choose a title for your TV show that can be used against you ironically, MTV has canceled Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous after one season, effectively declaring that, no, no he is not. The freshman series starred comedian Bo Burnham as a teen who graduates high school and eschews college for a stab at reality TV stardom, hiring a camera crew to follow him around in his quest to become an overnight celebrity, despite a complete lack of merit. “After careful consideration of many factors, we have ultimately decided not to move forward with an additional season of the series,” the network said in a statement, with one of those “factors” presumably being the rapidly dawning realization that, hey, talentless, self-absorbed teens looking for stardom at whatever cost is sort of their business model.

Still, another factor would be its ratings, as Zach Stone launched with little promotion to a modest audience that quickly dwindled to a mere 300,000 viewers. It joins others among MTV's scripted youth shows that were consigned to an early graveyard like Skins, I Just Want My Pants Back, The Inbetweeners, Decisions And Boners, I Have To Go To My Unfulfilling Internship In The Morning But I’m Also A Twentysomething Who Totally Wants To Party, Life: Super Hard, Right?, and The Young And Sex-Having, only some of which we made up. You can’t even tell which ones, because you don’t watch MTV scripted shows.


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