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MTV's trailer for 16 And Recovering shows the tragedies and triumphs of young addicts

Illustration for article titled MTVs trailer for i16 And Recovering /ishows the tragedies and triumphs of young addicts
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In the past, MTV’s teen-led programming possessed a certain duality that made predicting the next project tough, from frivolous confections like Sweet 16 to more sobering slices of life like 16 And Pregnant. For its next project, the network is retraining its focus on another fairly undocumented element of youth: teenage addiction. 16 And Recovering take a look inside a Boston high school that was specifically erected as an educational safe haven for teens battling substance abuse. MTV released the trailer for the four-part series today, which serves up real tragedy and triumph in equal measure.

The brief series will follow nine Northshore Recovery High School students and the principal and founder, Michelle Lipinski, who will try to help them navigate graduation and their paths to sobriety. In the clip, teens are seen oscillating between everyday high school woes, like classes and working towards graduation, and dealing with mental and emotional tolls of addiction. Per Deadline, MTV has also partnered with the National Institute On Drug Abuse to create a website, 16andrecovering.com, that will launch in conjunction with the premiere to provide resources for those searching for recovery options and a better understanding of the complexities of youth addiction.

This new, in-depth doc, which is considered an official continuation of MTV’s 16 And franchise, will premiere on September 1 at 9 PM ET/PT. Check out the trailer below.

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