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Illustration for article titled MTVs emThe Real World/em offers Occupy Wall Street protester chance to spread message, unlimited use of hot tub

Occupy Wall Street has yet to bring an end to corporate greed or restore balance to the economy, but it continues to be a great place to see and be seen. Head down to Zuccotti Park and you can maybe catch a Jeff Mangum show, rub elbows with sympathetic rich people like Kanye West and Alec Baldwin—Hey, I even heard Radiohead is playing, dawg! (They’re not)—but most importantly, become an indelible part of history by turning up in the background of the next Batman movie. But are you Occupy Wall Street protesters ready to stop being all protest-y and start getting real? If so, Bunim/Murray Productions has posted a Craigslist ad seeking members of the movement to audition for the next season of MTV’s The Real World, where they can spread their sociopolitical message in between drunken scream-fights about meaningless hook-ups from within a lavishly appointed loft that no twentysomething can actually afford.


Interested parties who “appear to be between the ages of 20 and 24” (i.e. will not cause television audiences to turn away in revulsion) should send an email to realworldcasting@bunim-murray.com with a short biography, plus three recent photos and/or a link to themselves on this site. You could leverage your anger against the corporate system’s exploitation of the people by signing away all rights to your life to a media conglomerate in exchange for a sweet reality TV gig. Take the system down from the inside—inside a hot tub. [via New York Observer]

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