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As part of its continuing campaign to make the “M” stand for “Mscripted,” MTV has announced yet more additions to its increasingly heavy slate of fictional shows—still hoping to grow out of merely documenting the stilted whines of actual teenagers toward replicating them with the help of thirtysomething screenwriters and Urban Dictionary. We’ve already told you about the pilot for Teen Wolf and the U.S. adaptation of hit British soap Skins, as well as totally clicked the "Like" button for The Hard Times And #Hashtags Of RJ Berger; today Deadline clues us into the new THAT Girl, about a plucky, miniskirt-wearing, unmarried harlot who takes occasional breaks from sleeping her way into acting jobs on the streets of New York to fly kites a single-camera comedy from Lauren Iungerich about a “high school sophomore and wallflower striving for attention who gets her wish and more when a clumsy bathroom accident has the whole school convinced she'd tried to commit suicide.” So along with Berger and My Life As Liz, it seems as though MTV is working to reposition itself as a channel for the ostracized—an interesting reversal, considering it just spent most of the decade turning detestably shallow California rich kids into even more privileged demigods.

Even more interesting: The channel is close to making a 12-episode order on Good Vibes, an animated comedy from David Gordon Green. Back when it was picked up by Fox in 2008, that show was said to be about “two high school surfer dudes living near the beach in California,” and the voice cast for its pilot included Adam Brody, Alan Tudyk, Danny McBride, Debi Mazar, Jake Busey, Josh Gad, and Olivia Thirlby—all of whom are currently in talks to return. Here’s hoping it’s a little more Beavis And Butthead than DJ And The Fro.


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