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MTV wants millennials to "+1thevote" in 2020

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Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

Hey #teens, you know what’s cool? Voting. You know what’s not cool? Rocking. That’s some boomer shit that cool young people like have absolutely no interest in. To that end, the old “Rock The Vote” campaign that got jaded Gen-Xers out of their Spin Doctors-fueled haze long enough to vote for Bill Clinton in the ‘90s simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Instead, MTV is tapping into an even more time-tested approach to convincing young people to try something: peer pressure. As reported by Reuters, MTV is going to spend the next year promoting a campaign called “+1thevote,” with the basic idea being that anyone planning to vote in the 2020 election should bring a “+1" and encourage them to also vote.

As the plus1thevote.com website puts it, the campaign is built around “making voting more social, making voting easier, and making voting part of milestones already happening in [first-time voters’] lives, form prom to graduation to birthdays.” In other words, you’re already graduating with your friends, why not bring them to your local polling place and cast a very important vote for whichever one of these hapless Democrats ends up getting named as tribute? Also, maybe “voteposals” should become a thing, like promposals? There’s a cute person in your class and you know they’re not some stupid Trumper, so you fill their locker with little blue donkeys, dress up like Uncle Sam, and then invite them to be your +1 at the polls! Then maybe you can make out or whatever! You hear that young people? You could make out or whatever! Just go vote!

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