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MTV Unplugged returns this fall

Pearl Jam on MTV Unplugged (Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Kevin Mazur)

It’s been far too long since superstar musicians have had a regular outlet where they could sit down on a stool and perform a thrillingly revelatory/annoyingly masturbatory acoustic set of some of their biggest hits and lesser-known tracks, but after a few years of only doing one-off specials, MTV has announced that it’s resurrecting MTV Unplugged for a new generation of people who probably have no idea who Eric Clapton is. The new Unplugged will premiere on September 8 with an acoustic set from singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes.

We don’t know what other artists will be appearing on subsequent episodes, but a press release from MTV promises an “eclectic, superstar lineup of global pop culture artists.” That’s a very broad description that could apply to an endless list of different musical acts, but it’s probably safe to assume that this will still skew a little closer to the tastes of MTV’s fairly young audience. Or, who knows, maybe Eric Clapton will stop by for old times’ sake.


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