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MTV’s Scream pilot casts a “hot teacher” and an Arrow vet

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As we’ve previously reported, MTV is currently trying turn the clever-turned-less-clever Scream series into a TV show. It will apparently feature viral videos, bi-curious teens, and someone’s “Gilmore Girls-esque relationship” with their mother. We imagine a murder mystery and a serial killer with a ghost mask will also be involved at some point, but that’s just baseless speculation.


Anyway, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the show has made a few important additions to its cast. First, Reign’s Amy Forsyth was originally set to play “artsy loner” Audrey, but she has now been replaced by Arrow’s Bex Taylor-Klaus. Also, The Final Destination’s Bobby Campo will be playing “a hot English teacher” who “can go with it if a lesson plan gets a little off-track.” We feel the need to reiterate at this point that the show is based on the Scream movies, so it will probably involve some drama that is a little more interesting than lesson plans going off track, but it’s still a bit early to know for sure.

Rounding out the cast is Sharknado’s Connor Weil—who will be playing the boyfriend of star Willa Fitzgerald’s Emma Duvall—and V’s Joel Gretsch—who will apparently be playing a version of David Arquette’s doofy police officer. We don’t want to spoil anything about this show, but viewers might want to keep an eye on that boyfriend character and any friends he might have that look like Matthew Lillard. We just think they’ll do a killer job. Get it? A killer job. Because they were the killers in the movie.

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