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MTV’s going to Wonderland with Tinashe, Ty Dolla $ign, and Broods

Tinashe (Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

Jokes about MTV losing its way date back about as far as its divergence from music-focused programming, but the network has heard our discontent (decades later) and has been working to remedy the situation. MTV revealed a new, music-centered strategy back in the spring as part of its upfront presentation, announcing the return of Unplugged and the launch of an all-new live music series, Wonderland. The network’s partnered with Comedy Central to air weekly performances from musicians and comedians, and Mashable has the details on the first season.

The 10-episode series will be hosted by hip-hop and pop artist Lizzo (a.k.a Melissa Jefferson), comedian Myke Wright, and “culture vulture” Steak (a.k.a Rachael Finley). Wonderland will premiere on September 15 with musical guests Tinashe, Ty Dolla $ign and Broods. You don’t even need cable or satellite service to watch—you can check out the performances in real time on Facebook Live and MTV.com. Wonderland will also offer behind-the-scenes footage via MTV’s Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Check out the promo below.





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